Ungawa: Epic Adventure

Audio: Ungawa Overture

Sound provided by Rosco James McClain

Special Effects of Retro Rockets

Technical Engineering by Wollensak

The year is 2473 A.D. Henry is played by Jim Morrison age 12. Clyde is played by David Morrison age 10.

Audio: Cape Huckleberry Hound

Cameo appearance by Simon and Garfunkle. "No's we's aint's, we's going to Mars!"

Audio: One Man Crew

Audio: Takeoff for Mars

Audio: Into Space and Checking Off

Sound effects provided by shortwave radio.

Audio: Chased by a Comet!

Clyde: "Turn far North!"

Special added bonus track. Bloopers. Clyde says: "...Clyde, I mean Henry"

Audio: The Unknown Planet

Audio: Too much Pat Boone

Henry: "That's evil, but that's just what I was thinking"

Audio: The Landing

"Celebration! Champaign on the rocks."

Audio: Egor the Alien

Henry "That's a funny little man".
Egor "I never thought I would see such an ignorant race".
"My name Rosco James McClain"
Clyde "Glad to meet you, Rosco".

Audio: "What do you do for fun?"

Egor "We have nuclear wars with our planet friends from the planet Timba. Hey Rosco, here they come now.".

Alien from Timba "We surrender Egor."
Egor "Never, Crocodile. We will fight to the end. ....Keep the bombs coming.".

Audio: "We win!"

Egor "Those guys are so stupid. Dumb crododiles.".

Audio: "Torture the Earthmen!"

Egor "Oh what the heck. Let's hang 'em.".

Audio: "Escape from Ungawa"

Clyde. "Henry, where are ya?."

Audio: "UFO Collision"

Clyde. "Pat Boone?."

Audio: "The End: Theme Song"