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A Geneaology of the Families Who Settled in the North Parish of Bridgewater1
Moses Cary 1824

Robert Morrison, Alexander Wilson, David Brown, and Thomas Henry, came from Ireland about 1740. The two first were married; the other two were single men. They settled in the North Parish, near each other; the three first on land now owned by Howard Cary, Esq. and Thomas Henry, where Theron Ames now lives; they were pious, industrious people. Robert Morrison had two sons, William and Alexander; they came from Ireland with him; he had one son John, born here. William m. a Strobridge2; settled in Middleborough. Alexander m. an Erskine; lived in Boston. John m. a Giffin; settled in Connecticut. He was the father of the Rev. Giffin Morrison, in the Isle of Saba, West-Indies. Robert Morrison died in 1764. He was the first person the bell tolled for in the North-Parish.

1 North Bridgewater is in Massachusetts, now known as Brockton
2 William Morrison married Sarah Montgomery. William died in 1758 in prison during the French and Indian War, and Sarah then married William Strowbridge Jr. (See Sourcebooks: Strowbridge Morrison).

Many online trees show this Robert as being born in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland and have a death date of 1692 in Sterlington, Scotland. Unfortunately, these trees suffer from "extreme copying".

The noted genealogist Mary Stiles Guild wrote about the descendants of Robert in her book "Strowbridge Morrison" in 1891, saying that Robert arrived in Bridgewater, Massachusetts about 1740. In addition, we have Robert's will of 1764 which identifies the children noted by Moses Cary, as well as witness Thomas Hendrey, who arrived with Robert circa 1740.

My opinion given the death date and the age of his children is that he was born around 1700.
Robert's Will 1764

More has been learned from property records of North Bridgewater that the four purchased land in North Bridgewater between 1737 and 1746. One of the deeds dated 1745 shows Robert Morison of Dams Coty, York County, Maine purchasing land in North Bridgewater. More on this and the other deeds are found in the probabe section under Vital Records. See the index.

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