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This page describes how the site was designed and some tips on where to find subject matter.

Family Tree Robert Morrison
This section is reserved for the Robert Morrison family tree that was described in the title page. In this section, you can view the family tree back to Robert who came to Massachusetts in 1740. In addition, over 50 letters dated around 1860-1875 from Anson Morrison to his mother can be found. A few letters were written by John Henry Morrison, our great grandfather, as well as our gg grandmother Charlotte. Here you will find the descriptions of the genealogy work completed by Carolyne Sharp and Jim Morrison, which was documented in several volumes as well as newsletters during the years 2001-2007. And finally, an area is reserved for sketches (stories) of the Morrison family and Morrison cousins that have come down over the years. Included here is what we know about John Keith Morrison who went to Australia in 1854, as well as stories of Athlone Avenue where Keith Morrison grew up.

Morrison Spouses
In this section, the family history of Morrison spouses may be found. It is organized by spouses before 1900 and after 1900. So for the family of Charlotte Brown Reed (1812-1877), spouse of John Keith Morrison, you would click on Spouses before 1900. For the family of Dorothy LaBarge, and the history of this family, you would follow the links to spouses after 1900. There is also a section for special cousins of the Morrisons, who are related to Robert Morrison of 1740, but not a direct link in our ancestry.

LaBarge Family
While you can get to the LaBarge family following the "Morrison Spouse" links, this is a large section and has its own special page. It has images of the full LaBarge genealogy book commissioned by Pierre LaBarge in 1985. Also, you will find pictures of Amelia Lauck's famous quilts that are in the Museum of the Daughter's Of the Revolution. In addition, you will find the "Dorothy and Keith" family album pictures from 1940 to 1970. You will also find audio tapes of several of the "kids" in a page called "Kids Talk". Captain Joseph LaBarge, famous riverboat captain, and stories about his life are here. And don't forget to listen to the epic "Ungawa", a tape recording by Jim and Dave when they were young. As well as some songs by the musical group Trilogy, Jim's folk and pop group in college. Suicide is Painless is one of their best songs.

Trees on the Web
This section provides links to other Morrison trees and families that may be related through the ages, but no evidence has been found so far. A summary of the landmark genealogy by Leonard Morrison on the Londonderry, NH Morrisons is provided. By identifying these families, it results in communications that helps others in their search. It also is a record of our search where the Morrison connection was not found.

Military History
This section documents military service by Morrisons over the years. From William Morrison in the French Indian War, Anson Morrison at Gettysburg and Larry Morrison in the Pacific, this traces where they fought and some of the history of the wars themselves.

This section describes some of the source history books where information on the Morrisons was taken from. Certainly, the most famous book was the finding of the Morrison Genealogy of our family in the Boston Library in 2002. Published in 1891, it traced our family from 1740 forward. You can read the stories of each family by downloading the images.

DNA Project
This section describes the results of the Morrison DNA project. This project connects Morrison relatives together through their DNA. Only Morrison males are tested in this project. So far, several close matches have been found that indicate our family is related to Morrisons in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. This supports the stories handed down that Robert Morrison's Scottish heritage came through Northern Ireland to the US, and hence the name "Scotch Irish". "Scotch Irish" was a term only used for immigrants to the US with this history.

Vital Records
In this section, you can find the vital records of Morrison families such as their wills, baptisms and death certificates. Also documented are the cemeteries found so far for our direct ancestors.

Census and Directories
This section has images of US Census back through 1850. Morrison families are shown here, as well as City Directory records of St. Louis. For census images of spouse families, see the spouse section and follow the links to the family.

This section has passenger lists and other immigration documents. Since Robert came to the US in 1740, there is limited records of passenger lists that have survived those times.

Fun Corner
This section has Dorothy's recipes. It is also where you can find the most "famous" Morrisons and brief biographies. John Wayne (Marion Morrison) as well as Jim Morrison of the Doors are featured.

This section talks about the history of the Morrisons and the possible lives they lived over the centuries. From the Vikings to the trials of Ireland, a brief history can be found here. In addition, our spouses have been descended from Francis Cooke of the Mayflower, and yes, Charlemagne.

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