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Strowbridge Morrison Genealogy by Mary Stiles Guild 1891

Strowbridge Morrison Rev. McIntosh Speech Pages v to xviii
Strowbridge Morrison Index of Names Pages 292-296
Strowbridge Morrison Robert Morrison 2nd Generation Pages 167-176 (id. 1-7)
Strowbridge Morrison Robert Morrison 3rd Generation Pages 176-189 (id. 8-40)
Strowbridge Morrison Robert Morrison 4th Generation Pages 189-210 (id. 42-202)
Strowbridge Morrison Robert Morrison 5th Generation Pages 210-226 (id. 225-577)
Strowbridge Morrison John Keith Morrison Pages 167, 176, 191, 212
Strowbridge Morrison Sarah Montgomery Pages 6-9
Strowbridge Morrison Strawbridge Family website Pages 231-280
Strowbridge Morrison Strowbridge Early Immigrants Pages 1-19
Strowbridge Morrison Strowbridge Third Generation Pages 19-38

The genealogy book "Strowbridge Morrison or Morison Strawbridge" was written in 1891 by Mary Stiles Guild. This book of 295 pages traces two families that are connected through Sarah Montgomery, who was married to William Morrison in 1748, and later to William Strowbridge, Jr. after she was widowed during the French War in 1758. The book has proven very reliable given the source of Morrison information was from well connected Morrison families living at the time. All of the Morrison descendants of this book are listed in the family tree section and are available in the gedcom download. Key surnames besides Morrison include Thompson,Tinkham and Ford.

The speech by Reverend J.S. McIntosh is an emotional and stirring address given at the second annual session of the Scotch-Irish congress at Pittsburgh in May of 1890. It surely speaks to the Scotch feelings of that time, and pulls no punches as to the corruption of the English kings of the previous three centuries and the hard felt Scotch prejudices against the Irish.

The other sections trace the generations of Robert Morrison who came from Ireland in 1740. The "id" numbers refer to the number of the individuals in the book in order of their descendancy. The "John Keith Morrison" section shows only the pages associated with this family. The "Sarah Montgomery" section discusses the suspected ancestry of the wife of William Morrison who died in 1758.

The Strawbridge section is not connected with the Morrisons, however it is part of the book and there exists a website dedicated to this family.

The Strowbridge sections are the first 38 pages of the book. Pages 38-156 detail through the 7th generation.

Notice placed in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register - April 1891 as follows:

Strowbridge, Strawbridge, and Morrison.--Mrs. Mary s. P. Guild, 120 Johnson Street, Lynn, Mass., is preparing a book on these families. The Strowbridges are descended from William and Margaret (Henry) Strowbidge, Scotch-Irisih emigrants from the north of Ireland, who settled in Middleboro', Mass., previous to 1722. Among their descendants are families by the names of Montgomery, Alford, Pickens, Thompson, Ritchie, Dean, Crane, Fox, and Paul. The Morrisons are descended from William and Sarh (Montgomery) Morrison, a branch of the family never before traced. Price $3. Orders may be sent at once to Mrs. Guild.

According to an inflation calculator, this book would be worth $68 today. However, you can view the book online in google books.

Other Morrison Genealogies

History Morrison or Morison Leonard A. Morrison, 1880 Leonard Book on the Web
Morrison Genealogy Granville Price Morrison, 1928 Book on the Web
Nathaniel Morison George Abbot Morrison, 1951 Book on web
William Morrison Rocky River Morrisons Book on web

The book "History of the Morison or Morrison Family" details the descendants of five major families in Londonderry, NH. This book of 467 pages is considered the bible of Morrison genealogies, and includes an index of many Morrison families that the author came across during his study. No connection to the Robert Morrison who came to Bridgewater has been proven.

The genealogy book by Granville Price Morrison traces the descendants of Andrew Morrison born 1754. Andrew Morrison married Elizabeth Taylor in 1776 in Virginia, and they had ten children. It is believed Andrew Morrison is descended from the Pennsylvania Morrison described in Leonard's book.

The book "Nathaniel Morison and His Descendants" was written by George Abbot Morison in 1951. It traces the descendants of John Morison of Londonderry, who moved his family to Peterborough, NH around 1745. Nathaniel was born in 1779. Key surnames include Holmes, Bremer, Faulkner and Lacey.

The book "The Morrison family of Rocky River settlement of North Carolina" was written by Robert Hall Morrison. 1950. It is 543 pages long.

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History Books related to the Morrison Genealogy

Skowhegan on the Kennebec Helen Coburn, 1941 Book on web

The book "Skowhegan on the Kennebec" by Helen Coburn has many references to the Morrison family in the 19th century. It is here that we first learn that John Keith Morrison left to go to Australia for gold in 1854. Volume III of the Morrison published books show most of the pages where Morrisons are mentioned.

A chapter in this book called "The Outgoers" describes those that left Skowhegan for other adventures. Many left between 1849 and 1855 to search for gold in California or Australia. This chapter can be viewed here. Page 218 relates "John Keith Morrison went to Australia in 1853 never to return".

Skowhegan on the Kennebec: Chapter "The Outgoers"

History of Madison, Maine 1886 Book on web

Says that Chloe Morrison, daughter of Robert M. Morrison, was born in Middleboro, MA on Feb 13, 1803. Died Dec 5, 1850. She had married Joshua Bartlett Lowell April 24, 1827. Had children Joshua b. Nov 22, 1843 and George Morrison born Nov 22, 1850.

Chloe likely died of complications from the birth of George Morrison. The history is wrong in that Chloe was born in 1805. Her name sake was her grandmother, Chloe Packard who was married to Joseph Keith. This history is the only place where a middle initial "M" exists for Robert. It is likely "Montgomery" in honor of his mother.

Also listed in the history is Lucius Morrison who married Hannah Lowell b. June 14, 1806 and died young three years after marriage on Jan 11, 1829. Lucius did not have any children from this first marriage, but later married again and had five children.

History of Farmington, Maine 1776-1885 1885 Francis Gould Butler

This was one of the first clues we had of Robert Morrison, before the Strowbridge book was found. On pages 534-536 it relates the history of the Morrisons in New England. This history did not go back further than William, who married Sarah Montgomery. This history is incorrect in that Sarah was not a sister of General Richard Montgomery, who fell in the attack on Quebec in 1775.

History of Farmington Page 534
History of Farmington Page 535
History of Farmington Page 536
Map of Farmington and Morrison homesteads

A Genealogy of the Families of the North Parish of Bridgewater 1824 Moses Cary

This is probably the source book of all other sourcebooks on the immigrant Robert Morrison. It was compiled in 1824, and has many other sketches of families who were all likely very close. Given the later use of family names as middle names, it is not a bad guess that the wife of Robert was a Henry. And that the immigrant Thomas Henry, who accompanied the group to North Bridgewater, was her brother. This is the only source of the death of Robert Morrison in 1764. It states "He was the first person the bell tolled for in the North Parish".

Morrison Family Page 38 of the book
Old Bridgewater Church

History of North Bridgewater 1866 Bradford Kingman

This history was written in 1866, and describes in great detail in 696 pages the lives of its people.

Morrison family page 582

Maine Biographical Review 1992 William Morrison of Farmington

This history describes the family of William Morrison, who was the son of John and Sarah Tufts. He was born in Farmington in 1821 and descended from Robert Morrison, a native of Londonderry, Ireland.

Maine Biograhical Review 1992

History of the Town of Middleboro 1905 Thomas Weston

Over 500 pages of history from early settlement to 1905. No mention of Morrisons, but it does mention Elder John Montgomery, the sister of Sarah Montgomery who married William Morrison. On Page 429 in the section on Lakeville, it says that "Elder's Pond, much smaller but deeper than the others, takes its name from John Montgomery, an elder in the First Baptist Church". Elder's Pond is still its name today and can be seen on any map of Lakeville, MA. The pond is just east of the large lake Assawampsett Pond.

New England Families 1916 American Historical Society

This is a large work of the biographies of the numerous families of New England. On page 109, the Morrison family is discussed. It is pretty much a repeat of the previous histories of the family from Robert Morrison plus two generations. Birth and death dates are given.

History Windham NH NH Morrisons Book on the Web

Windham NH Supplement NH Morrisons Book on the Web

This 162 page history was published in 1892 by Leonard A. Morrison. It is a supplement to his History of Windham, NH. While not devoted entirely to Morrisons, it gives the reader an education of who the Scotch-Irish were.

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Other Genealogical Sourcebooks

Francis Cooke of the Maylower Google Book Five Generations
Keith Genealogy Google Book The Keith Book
Giffen Genealogy Simon Giffen 1711 Simon Giffen & Descendants

The Giffen sourcebook lists the genealogy of Simon Giffen, born 1711, in Northern Ireland. He came to Boston, married and moved to Halifax in 1749, and died in Nova Scotia in 1774. His family was born in Boston and baptized by Reverand John Moorhead. It is through this church that they undoubtedly knew the Morrisons of Bridgewater. Elizabeth, born in 1746, married John Morrison in 1766, son of Robert of North Bridgewater. John and Elizabeth moved to Enfield, Connecticut and raised a family there. It is related that John Morrison answered the Lexington Alarm of 1775 and served four days.

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