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Morrison Family Historical Summary

This link will bring up a nice summary taken from a multitude of sources about the Morrison families who emigrated to the US. At the end of this four page document is a bibliography which may provide useful to researchers. I have found this to be very thorough, and would be a great starting point for those just beginning to find their ancestors.

Morrison Family Summary

Morrison Family Links

The family trees on this page used to link to trees on That is no longer possible since Ancestry has blocked access unless you have a subscription. Where possible, I have replaced those links with similar trees I found on rootsweb.

For the Leonard Morrison book, I have provided two options. The first is to view the tree using a standard view for genealogy trees called GEDPAGE. The second option is to download the GEDCOM file and view using your own family tree software. In addition, if I have found an interesting website with further research on the particular family, I have noted that. Although website links due fail as they change from time to time.

Rocky River Morrisons North Carolina Five Generations William b. 1700 Campbeltown, Scotland
Book of Rocky River Morrisons
DNA Group A.
William Morrison was born about 1700 in Campbeltown, Scotland. Married Janet Hall. Sons Robert, John and James emigrated to PA and then to Rocky River, Mecklenburg (Cabarrus) County, NC. Represented by Group A in the DNA project, and connected therewith to Charter Samuel of the Leonard NH Morisons, as well as others. See below.

Robert Morrison 1740 View 416 Morrisons Robert Morrison emigrated 1740
DNA Group C.
Robert Morrison, the subject of this website, emigrated in 1740 to Bridgewater, MA. This tree on the web is taken from the sourcebook Morrison Strowbridge by Mary Guild 1891. Group C in DNA project. To download this gedcom,
Download Gedcom file

John Morrison/Elizabeth Giffin CN See Robert Morrison Tree above John - Son of Robert & Sarah
DNA Group C.
This traces the family of John Morrison who was born in 1743 in North Bridgewater and married Elizabeth Giffin. They raised their family in Enfield, CN. The family can be found in the tree of Robert Morrison, the focus of this website.

There is a genealogy written of Simon Giffin, born in Scotland about 1711 and died in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1774. His marriage to Jennet Lechman was performed by Rev. John Moorhead, who also baptized many of their children including Elizabeth. It is very likely they were acquaintances of William Morrison and Sarah Montgomery. See
Simon Giffen & Descendants Genealogy Book
Giffen Family History Website

John Morrison b. 1685 Londonderry, Ireland no longer available 172 Morrisons James b. 1709 to Chester County, PA
DNA Group C.
This family tree is descended from John Morrison, born in Londonderry Ireland about 1685. James was his son, born in 1709, later to emigrate to Chester Country, Pennsylvania. This tree is represented in the DNA project by Dudley Butler M041 Group C, born 1906. Another possibility is the connection with M122 and the descendants of Hamilton Rae Morrison born 1840-1842. The tree has a Hamilton R Morrison, son of Benjamin Parkinson Morrison.

Morrisons of Virginia 496 Morrisons Nathaniel b. 1707 Scotland
DNA Group R.
Nathaniel was born in 1707 in Scotland. Son was Nathaniel b. 1730 in Scotland, came to Virginia, married to Thankful ?. Son Andrew b. 1754 married Elizabeth Taylor b. 1760. Andrew died in Greenbrier, VA. Group R in DNA project. Credit to Diane Elizabeth for this family tree posted on Rootsweb.

Samuel Morrison of Lycoming County PA 384 Morrisons John b. 1667 Scotland
DNA Group U.
Samuel Morrison of Bucks and Lycoming counties, Pennsylvania. Emigrated from Ulster to Philadelphia in 1740 on the ship "Sally of Coleraine". Son of John born on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland in 1667. This tree traces sons of Samuel to New York and Ohio, as well as those that stayed in Pennsylvania. Represented by Group U in the DNA project. Family traces its ancestry back to George MORESOUNE of Aberdeen Scotland born 1580. Samuel married Mercy Mayes of County Tyrone in Northern Ireland and emigrated to PA in 1740.

Morrisons of Wells, Maine 256 Morrisons Daniel Morrison b. 1665
Daniel Morrison 1665 - 1736 married Hannah Griffin in 1670. They had a son Daniel, who married Eleanor Littlefield. They had 12 children, all born in Wells, Maine. Another source of this family is the "Records of the First Church of Wells", which lists all the early baptisms from 1716 to 1795. This book is available at the NEHGS library. This tree on rootsweb is courtesy of David Robinson.

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Leonard Morrison Book

This book was written in 1891 and is over 460 pages long. Considered the landmark book on the Morison Morrison families that immigrated to the US, it centers on the family that settled Londonderry, NH. But it also has detailed genealogies of the Morrison settlers of Brentwood, Nottingham, Sanbornton, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Leonard Book on Google

View John Morison 1628 Tree 490 Morrisons John Morison, County Aberdeen Scotland
Download John Morrison 1628 Leonard Book Gedcom
DNA Group L (Group I connection not likely)
John Morison and his descendants are described in the Leonard book pages 75 through 273. This family tree lists all individuals found in this section. Over 4,600 individuals can be found including 490 Morisons or Morrisons. These include Charter James, Charter John (who went to Peterborough), and many others.

View Charter Robert Tree 147 Morrisons Robert Morison Ireland
Download Charter Robert Gedcom
DNA Group Not Represented
Charter Robert Morison and his descendants are found on pages 274-287 of the Leonard book. He settled in Londonderry in 1719. The relationship between him and the others of this book is currently unknown. There are Morrison descendants of Charter Robert living that are currently being contacted to participate in the project. Stay tuned.

View Charter Samuel Tree 383 Morrisons Samuel 1681-1757
Download Charter Samuel Tree GEDCOM
DNA Group A
Charter Samuel Morison and his descendants are found on pages 295-388 of the Leonard book. He was one of the grantees of the Charter of Londonderry. DNA matches have confirmed a relationship with the Rocky River Morrisons, but not the Morrisons of John born in 1628, the primary family of the Leonard book.

This group also includes the Rocky River North Carolina Morrisons. William Morrison was born about 1700 in Campbeltown, Scotland. Married Janet Hall. Sons Robert, John and James emigrated to PA and then to Rocky River, Mecklenburg (Cabarrus) County, NC. Represented by Group A in the DNA project, and connected therewith to Charter Samuel of the Leonard NH Morisons, as well as others.

View Morrisons of Nottingham 162 Morrisons William Morrison 1684
Download Morrisons of Nottingham GEDCOM
DNA Group A
William Morrison and his brothers David and Hugh came to New England from Northern Ireland. They arrived in Boston on August 7, 1726. William was the father of James who married Jane Kelsey of Boston. Had children William, Robert and James in Nottingham, NH. This tree also includes John Morrison of Coleraine, who married Ann Thompson and was probably a son of Hugh. This family tree is featured on pages 389 to 394 in the Leonard book. DNA match has confirmed a relationship of the Hugh Morrison family with Charter Samuel of the Leonard book. This tree includes 79 Morrisons from the Leonard book and another 83 Morrisons added from research.

View Gabriel Morrison Tree 150 Morrisons Gabriel to PA 1740
Download Gabriel Morrison Gedcom
DNA Group L
Gabriel Morison came to Boston in 1726. He was married to Martha Glen (Wilson?), and had three children. They settled in Coleraine, Lancaster County, PA. This family is featured on pages 402-419 of the Leonard book. This tree has been expanded from the book through additions from research within Through the Morrison DNA test, this tree is now connected with Group L which also represents John Morrison, the primary family of the Leonard book.

See a website with more information on the family of Gabriel Morrison: Gabriel Morison Website

See the email section for Richard Morrison who is researching this family as well as the Delaware branch. His tree has over 1,087 Morrisons and has been connected to Gabriel. Families located in Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and later in South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin as the west was settled. Robert Morrison 1723-1788 Delaware

View Morrisons of Virginia 90 Morrisons John Morrison 1795
Download Virginia Morrisons File
DNA Group Not Represented
John Morrison emigrated to America in 1795. He married Mary Bagley and had children, Jane, William, Edwin and James Horace. The located in Lunenburg County, Virginia. This family is discussed in the Leonard book pages 399-401. The family tree displayed traces some of the descendants researched via

View Morrisons of Delaware 38 Morrisons John Morrison 1670 Delaware
Download Delaware Morrisons Gedcom
DNA Group Not Represented
John Morrison came to America in 1670 and claimed a settlement in Whiteclay Creek in Delaware. His son was Hugh Morrison, and grandson was Neal. Neal is the father of Robert, who is the progenitor of this family tree. It is featured on pages 420 to 426 in the Leonard book.

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