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Vital Records of Bridgewater, MA

Birth, Marriage and Death records of early Bridgewater in the colonial times. Records the marriages of the children of Robert Morrison, the immigrant.

A Genealogy of the Families who have settled in the North Parish of Bridgewater by Moses Cary

This is the primary source of record of the Morrisons who lived in North Bridgewater (now Brockton), and listed the marriages of the children of our immigrant Robert Morrison, as well as possibly a later marriage of his in 1761. Robert Morrison died in 1764, and the book by Moses Cary is the only way we know that.

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Birth Records

Location Name Date Description
North Bridgewater William Morrison bapt. Aug 17, 1749 Son of William & Sarah (Montgomery) Morrison
North Bridgewater Alexander Morrison bapt. Aug 25, 1752 Son of William & Sarah (Montgomery) Morrison
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The Strowbridge book says that the baptisms of William and Alexander were recorded by Rev. John Morehead of Boston. He was the pastor of the Scotch Presbyterian church of Boston. Records were apparently in the office of the City Registrar, Boston, MA. A Rev. John Moorhead was head of the "Federal Street Church" in 1730 which was a church composed of entirely Scotch Presbyterians from the North of Ireland. From records of the Church, the immigrants who came in 1730 were a religious, moral and industrious people, "but on their landing met with opposition and suffered the insults of the misinformed rabble, who supposed they were Papists".

John Moorhead came from Newtown, near Belfast, married Miss Sarah Parsons, and came to Boston in 1730. He continued at this church until he died Dec. 2, 1773, aged 70 years. He was strictly Calvinistic and a devotedly pious man. (Taken from the records of the Congregational Library in Boston). It is believed that other records of the Federal Church were lost in a fire. He was "a laborious and faithful pastor, a bold reprover of sin and the friend and promoter of virtue and piety. His discourses were extemporaneous; he expounded the Scriptures in course in the morning and delivered a sermon in the afternoon".

A Bible was kept by Charlotte Reed Morrison which lists the births of her children. It was handed down by Maria Brown, her daughter. To view an image of this page, please click here: Bible of Charlotte Reed Morrison

Birth Records found in the book "Boston Marriages,Births and Deaths 1700-1809"

Children of Alexander Morrison and Mary Asken
Mary 4/20/1758
Susannah 9/17/1759
Sarah 5/4/1761
Hannah 5/25/1763
Elizabeth 3/12/1765
Robert Erskine 12/31/1766
John 3/17/1775

Children of Katherine Morrison and William McNeil
Katherine might be the daughter of Robert Morrison of Bridgewater
William 8/18/1746
Jane 2/14/1744
Daniel 4/5/1748
Archibald 6/23/1750

Children of Peter Morrison and Priscilla Calendar
John 7/30/1730

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Marriage Records

Groom Bride Date Location
William Morrison Sarah Montgomery Nov 10 1748 N. Bridgewater
Alexander Morrison Mary Asken of Abington Aug 21 1755 Abbington
Robert Morrison wid Mary McIntire (Dorman) Jan 22, 1761 N. Bridgewater
John Morrison Elisabeth Giffen Oct 27 1766 Not recorded
Anson Reed Morrison Margaret Gilhooly Jan 23, 1866 Clinton, MA
Anson R Morrison Carrie F Pitz June 25 1902 St. Louis MO Holy Name Church

The first four marriages are found in the records of the First Parish Congregational Church of North Bridgewater (Brockton), MA. The original records were viewed at the Congregational Library in Boston, and no other information was found other than the above. In addition, the records of the Old South Church of Boston were reviewed, and no mention of Morrisons were found.

Anson Reed Morrison married his sweetheart who he met while working as an apprentice in a boot shop in Cordaville. She was waiting for him when he returned from the war. They worked in West Boylston together again at Mr. McFarland's shop, and soon were married. The certificate says the marriage was performed by a Catholic clergyman in Clinton, possibly Maggie's hometown. Her parents names were John and Mary, but they do not show up in either the 1860 or 1850 US Census. Perhaps they were still in Ireland.

Marriage Records found in the book "Boston Marriages,Births and Deaths 1700-1809"

Possible second marriage of Robert Morrison of Bridgewater.
This would mean that the marriage to Mary McIntire in 1761 would have been his third.
Robert Morrison of Bridgewater and Agnes Topham March 13, 1755. The record actually states "Robert of Bridgewater" so it is definitely our Robert

Possible marriage of the daughter of Robert Morrison, Katherine
William McNeal and Katherine Morrison 9/18/1745

Other possible daughters of Robert Morrison, sisters of Alexander.
They were married in Boston, and have the same first names as Alexander's daughters
Susannah Morrison and Mathew Nazro 12/25/1757
Elizabeth Morrison and James Robinson 10/9/1742

Possible marriages of the children of Alexander Morrison
Sarah Morrison and John Lewis 3/22/1781
Betsy Morrison and Phillip Wentworth 7/15/1784
Hannah Morrison and Peter Domas 5/5/1784
Susannah and David Johnson 11/27/1791

Other Morrison marriages in Boston of possible relation
Peter Morrison and Priscilla Callender 5/14/1724
David Morrison and Ann Thompson 5/10/1728
Jane Morrison and Mathew Hopkins 6/8/1738. Married by Reverend John Moorhead
Mary Morrison and William Rea 2/17/1741
John Morrison and Sarah Fisher 8/16/1749
John Morrison and Mary Smith 4/4/1751
John Morrison and Sarah Collins 11/10/1751
Ruth Morrison and John Atwool 9/9/1750
Mary Morrison and John Hortitto 4/17/1759
Robert Morrison and Barbara Morrison 4/10/1807
Catherine Morrison and Thomas Bulmar 6/29/1807

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Probate Records

Land Deeds

To all People to whom the ??Prefect shall come Greeting. Know ye that the ?? Jonathan Randall of Bridgewater in the County of Plymouth in the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England Yeoman for and in consideration of the sum of Fifty Pounds lawfull to him in hand before ?? hereof well and duly paid by Robert Morison of Damís Cotty (Dan Coty today) in the County of York the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge myself therewith fully satisfied and contented and thereof and of every part and parcel thereof do exonerate and discharge him the said Robert Morison for his heirs the Parcel of Land in the ?? part of Bridgewater end of a lot of Land that was Ephraim Fobes where there is a large spring containing by estimation twenty three acres bounded as followeth the beginning of Red Oak by a take and stones about it which is the south east corner... February 25, 1945

Land Purchase

The above deed was discovered by Mary Kirkland, a direct descendant of Alexander Morrison, the son of Robert Morrison. In her research she also found land deed sales to all four of the men who was identified by Moses Cary as coming about 1740. According to land purchases, the following dates are:

Alexander Wilson purchased his land in 1437.

David Brown purchased his land in 1742.

Robert Morrison purchased his land in 1745. Later his land was sold by his sons Alexander and John, who were settled in Boston. John later moved to Connecticut.

Thomas Henry purchased his land in 1746.

It's important to note that all the land made these four close neighbors, and it is likely that they knew one another in Ireland before emmigrating to America.


Will of Robert Morrison 1764

Will of Robert Morrison transcribed

The following is that will transribed with all the original spelling, etc.

Bridgewater May the second one thousand seven hundred and sixty four. In the name of God amen. I Robert Morison of Bredgewater in the County of Plimouth yeoman being (illegible) and in perfect health and sound in my reason and know that is appointed for all men once to die. I do publish pronounce and declare this to be my last will and testament principaly and first of all I give and bequeath my soul to God (hath) gave it and my body to be decently buried. Item I give to my well beloved wife Mary her Bed and table, and chain and wheel, and what flax and wool we have on or about the house and the one half of the corn and one half of the meat and one cow and six pounds lawfull money at my (decease).

Item. I give to my well beloved son Alexander Morison on third of my real and personal estate and one third part of my debts due me and to pay one third of the debt that I owe, and I order the farm at my (decease) to be sold the cotton to enable them to pay said debts thus given to him and his heirs forever and two pounds to be paid by Alexander to my wife Mary.

Item. I give unto my well beloved son John Morison two thirds of my real and personal estate and two thirds of my debt due and two third part of the debt that I owe and four pounds to be paid to Mary my by my son John Morison.

Item. I give unto the children of my well beloved son William Morison (dec.d, likely deceased) Eight pounds lawfull money four pounds to be paid to his son Robert and one pound six shillings and eight pence to his son William and to his sons Alexander and James one pound six shillings and eight pence each, and I order my daughter Katherine my Love (?) Chest of Drawers and one heifer, and further I order Thomas Hendrey of Bridgewater to be the sole Executor of my last will and testament signed and sealed in presence of us. Robert Morison

witnessses Thomas Hendrey Jonathan Cary

The will of Robert Morrison, the immigrant who came to North Bridgewater in 1740. This is the first place we see the name of Robert's wife Mary. Also, the first place we see the name of a daughter, Katherine. The date is 1764, which corresponds to the death reported in Moses Cary "Genealogies...North Bridgewater". The wife Mary may be Robert's second wife, the widow Mary Dorman, which was reported in Vital Records of North Bridgewater 1761. Thomas Hendrey, one of the three other men who arrived in North Bridgewater in 1740, witnesses the will.

Estate Probate of Robert Morrison 1857
Estate Probate of Mary (Polly) Morrison 1857

The estate of Robert Morrison of Madison, Maine, is dated August, 1857. He died in February of that year, and Mary his wife died in July. The administrator of the estate was Lucius Morrison. Items of interest include the inventory, a tea set of 80 cents, and a note to J. K. Morrison of $400.00. The estate of Mary Morrison was dated October 6, 1857. Mary left a gold necklace worth $3.70.

Will of Margaret Gilhooly Morrison

The Will of Margaret Gilhooly Morrison, wife of Anson Reed Morrison, dated August 17, 1876. She was to pass on two days later. This was the first place we saw the maiden name of Maggie, who lived with Anson Reed Morrison in Chicago, and lived through the Chicago fire among other hardships. She is the mother of Lottie Morrison who married Joseph T. Buckley.

Guardianship papers of Albert J. and Mary C. Morrison

After the death of Maggie Morrison, wife of Anson Reed Morrison, their children went to live with John McGrail in Worcester, MA. It appears, that Anson Reed could not adequately care for the children in Chicago while working. These documents show the petition by John McGrail, and the signing of the guardianship to him by Anson. In 1885, the guardianship was taken over by Stephen McGrail, possibly due to the death of John McGrail. The McGrails were cousins of the children, but how they were related through Maggie Gilhooley Morrison is unknown.

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Death Records

Name Age Death Location
Alexander Morrison 86 July 7, 1814 Boston
Margaret (Murphy) Morrison 57 Dec 18 1910 St. Louis MO
John Henry Morrison 53 April 20 1890 St. Louis MO
Anson R Morrison 47 March 12 1923 St. Louis MO
John Keith Morrison 76 Dec 21 1886 Junee Australia

The importance of the death recorded in Boston of Alexander at age 86 is significant. For it gives a birth year of one of the sons of Robert who came over in 1740. That is 1728. Very likely that William was born around this time also.

It is known that John Keith Morrison went to Australia for gold. Junee is in New South Wales in an area known for a gold rush in the 1850's and 1860's. This death certificate fits John Keith in that it is the right age, and the middle name is spelled out.

A contact in Junee, Australia has done some research on John Keith and visited the old Church of England Cemetery and took the following pictures.

Following is a recent email where our contact, the Colonel, gives a little history of Junee>

OK, now I did a bit of poking around. My search of NSW records turned up the same death certificate as you have so Ihave no doubt he was buried in Junee. A look at ALL the cemetery (existing ) records doesn't show the name at all. I looked specifically at a couple of the "boot hill" type small ones purely out of interest. So I believe there is no doubt that he IS in the OLD section of the Cof E plot. However the council ( copy of oldest) map shows around 50 or 60 blank spots that are not listed and there appears to be no records existing.

I went out and took a couple of pics of the area so that you can have some idea. We had a very bad bushfire devastate the district on new years day, 2006, and we've been in full drought ever since so the photos are a bit bleak. I can't give you a Google Earth co-ordinate of the area as the town is just outside a high definition zone. Junee is precisely on the half way point of the main Sydney- Melbourne track. Was a big railway centre till the railways went phut a few years ago and the town looked like dying. So they gave us a prison instead and the town has never looked back! It's the biggest pokey in NSW--a 700 bed four star motel with no early checkout. Private concern built by the US Wackenhutt ?? corp. First boss was a Yank and a neighbour of ours. After he left Junee he ended up as boss cocky of Nevada State pen. I think. Still pops up here from time to time since he retired.

Any way that's a bit of local history. If you would like a little more so as you can get the feel of the district have a look at the town website:
Attached are a couple of pics.

All the Best,


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Cemetery Records and Photographs

Skowhegan ME Madison ME St. Louis MO Middleboro MA
Morrison Hill ME Clinton ME Canaan ME Farmington ME
North Bridgewater MA Hold Hold Hold


Family of John Keith Morrison and Charlotte Brown Reed Morrison in Bloomfield (Southside) Cemetery, Skowhegan, Maine. Also in this cemetery, Maria Morrison Brown (sister of John Keith Morrison), her husband James Milford Brown, and the parents of James Milford Brown.

The headstones can be found upon entering the cemetery as the 3rd grouping in from Maine Street behind the large tomb.

John Keith lost four children between 1851 and 1853. Elizabeth age 18 in 1852, Charlotte age 3 and Lucy age 1 in 1851, and Albert age 2 in 1853. He also lost sister Chloe age 45 in 1850 and Hiram age 40 in 1851. A dysentery epidemic was sweeping through Maine in 1852, and quite possibly in the other years as well.

Bloomfield Cemetery Southside Cemetery
Charlotte Morrison d 4/4/1877 age 64
Hiram Morrison d 5/19/1851 age 40
Joseph Morrison d 1/26/1846 age 28
Charlotte Keith Morrison d 6/29/1851 age 3, b 6/19/1848
Albert Woodbridge Morrison d12/3/1853 age 2 b 9/1/1851
Lucy Evelyn Morrison d 7/18/1851 age 1 b 52/5/1850
Elizabeth Morrison d 10/3/1852 age 18 b 5/1834
Anson Reed Morrison d 12/27/1880 age 41
Frank Morrison d 1931
Janie Morrison d 1932
Charles Morrison d 1997

The Northside Cemetery of Skowhegan is the resting place of the parents of Charlotte Brown Reed Morrison. This is Captain David Reed and his wife Delia. An American Flag marks David Reed's grave.

North Skowhegan Cemetery
Lucius Lincoln Morrison 1833-1912
Stella Morrison 1852-1898
Zaidee Morrison d 1997
Captain David Reed
Delia Reed

After cleaning...
GPS: N. 44 degrees 45.049' W. 69 degrees 43.068'

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East Madison is just west of Skowhegan. Robert and Mary (Polly) Morrison lived in this area, as did Lucius, the brother of John Keith Morrison. They are buried in the East Madison Cemetery.
East Madison Cemetery
Robert Morrison
Mary Morrison
Lucius Morrison 1802-1888
Sally S. Morrison 1806-1883
GPS: N. 44 degrees 50.785' W. 69 degrees 45.509'

Reads on top of the headstone: Lucius 1802-1888 and Sally S. 1806-1883.
GPS: N. 45 degrees 50.779' W. 69 degrees 45.515'

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St. Louis

Margaret Murphy headstone in Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, MO. Born May 23, 1854, died January 29, 1911. Wife of John Henry Morrison. The W C designation on the headstone stands for "Woodmen Circle" which was the name of a burial club that one paid into to cover the cost of burial.

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A gravesite apparently exists about 3 miles beyond south Middleboro, back of Nathaniel Cushing House. In this site, only a few graves remain.
William Morrison, son of William and Hannah 12/2/1789
Also on this same site was Joshua Benson 10/9/1781 at age 78. He was Hannah's father.
Polly daughter of Ichabod and Abigail. Ichabod was the son of Joshua, and sister to Hannah.
Just south of Middleboro, MA, is the town of Lakeville, and a cemetery by the name of Thompson Hill Cemetery. Buried here we find the Strowbridge family, including Sarah Montgomery Strowbridge, widow of William Morrison. Also in this cemetery is Elder John Montgomery, brother of Sarah.

Thompson Hill Cemetery
STROBRIDGE: Robert Strowbridge, died Aug. 14th, 1790, in his 39th year.
Henry, died Nov. 7th, 1795, in his 74th year.
Jane, widow of Henry, Feb. 28, 1815, 84th year.
William, died Nov. 14th. 1777, in his 87th year.
Margaret, wife of William, Dec. 8, 1776, 83rd year.
Thomas, son of William & Margaret, Apr. 26, 1749, 23rd yr..
James, died Feb. 1777, in his 78th year.
Thomas, died Aug. 6th, 1724, in his 25th year.
William, died Apr. 1st, 1797, in his 73rd year.
Jean, wife of William, Feb. 17, 1759, in her 32nd year.
Sarah, widow of William, Oct. 3rd, 1817, in her 90th year.
Thomas, son of William & Jane, Feb. 19, 1777, 26th year.
Jane, dau. of James & Mary, Jan. 20, 1762, age 6 days.
Ebenezer, born in 1792, died in 1849.
Polly Myrick, wife of Ebenezer, born in 1800, died in 1827.
Ebenezer Augustus, son of Ebenezer & Polly, born in 1821, died 1829.
Phebe Myrick, dau. of Ebenezer & Polly, born in 1825, died in 1831.
Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer & Susan, born in 1834, died in 1839.
Hannah, wife of William & dau. of Ebenezer Crane Esq., died July 30th, 1826, in her 66th year.
William, died Sept. 5th. 1842, in his 81st year.
Benjamin, died Sept. 25th, 1827, aged 61 years.
Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin, Feb. 3, 1792, in her 25th year.

Elder John Montgomery, died Oct. 19th, 1787, in his 80th year.
Mary Strobridge, wife of John, May 16, 1790, 73rd year.
Dr. Samuel, died May 22nd, 1787, in his 34th year.
James, died Jan. 4th, 1849, age 41 years.
William, died June 23rd, 1804, in his 38th year.
Rebecca, died May 14th. 1798, in her 39th year.
Augustus, son of John & Margaret Henry, Sept. 14, 1782, 3rd yr..
Hugh, died Mar. 17th, 1835, in his 80th year.
Hannah Sampson, wife of Hugh, Dec. 29, 1828, 64 years.
Mary, wife of Rev. Joshua Dean, born Oct. 26, 1788, died Mar. 27, 1843.

Thompson Hill Cemetery, Lakeville, MA

Note from Linda Brown Smith who visited the cemetery recently.
"Graves were very badly cared for. Sarah and husband William were NOT with most of the Montgomery/Strowbridge graves. If you come in from I 495 and take Rt 18 S toward Lakeville, you'll then turn right at the intersection with Rt 79. Cemetery is about 1 mile on right behind white picket fence. If you enter by the North most entry to the right of the "Thompson Hill" sign, proceed in about four rows and then right past the large clump of yews. She's right there."

Morrison Hill Church, Cumberland Maine

Located at Gray Road in Cumberland stands the Morrison Hill Church, also known as the Universalist Church. These Morrisons are not connected to the Strowbridge Morrisons, but are listed for other researchers.

Morrisons Hill Cemetery
Angie C. 1880-XXXX w/o Ezra
Ezra W. 1857-1926
Florence A. 10/22/1860 age 5 mo d/o Isacc and Mary
Isaac W. 1828-1904
Martha H. 1823-1861 w/o Rufus
Mary B. 1832-1902 w/o Isaac
Rufus 1823-1879
Sarah W. 1828-1864 2nd w/o Rufus
Children of Rufus & Martha:
Cynthia 1860-1861
Eunice J. 1847-1849
Ezra M. 1853-1856
Joseph P. 1848-1888
Lucien 1858-1922
Rufus B. 1855-1916
Susan J. 1850-1880

Clinton Cemetery Maine

Located south of town. No name on cemetery. These Morrisons are not connected to the Strowbridge Morrisons, but are listed for other researchers.

Clinton Cemetery
Manly Morrison b. 1853 d. 1918 mason
Manettam w/o Manly b. 1864 d. 1944
Harold Morrison b. 1895 d. 1959
w/1 Lydia A. b. 1899 d. 1931
w/2 Irene S. b. 1900 d. 1973
Alvah M. Morrison b. 1/1810 d. 11/11/1863
Hannah b. 8/1813 d. 10/6/1906
Joseph B. b. 1841 d. 1/1/1888
Ester Ann b. 1838 d. 5/1/1842
Hannah B. b. 6/12/1853 d. 1/4/1908
Charles E. b. 1855 d/ 1933
Sanford B. b. 1876 d. 1/17/1888 s/o Joseph
Walter A. b. 6/13/1891 d. 9/20/1974 s/o Hannah and Charles

Morrison's Corner Maine

Morrison's Corner is located just west of Clinton. These Morrisons are not connected to the Strowbridge Morrisons, but are listed for other researchers.

Morrison's Corner Cemetery
James Morrison b. 3/23/1804 d. 10/18/1863
Cynthia w/o James b. 1806 d. 1/17/1894
Frank b. 1845 d. 5/29/1874
Elijah b. 3/10/1824 d. 2/22/1907
Betsy L. b. 1782 d. 5/24/1843
Elijah b. 1780 d. 10/13/1842
Sabina K. w/1 John Winty b. 1827 d. 1848
Hanna w/2 John Winty b. 1816 d. 1853

Salsbury Cemetery, Battle Ridge Road, Canaan, Maine

Between Canann and Morrison's Corner. These Morrisons are not connected to the Strowbridge Morrisons, but are listed for other researchers.

Salsbury Cemetery
Joseph E. Morrison d. 3/15/1834 s/o Captain Joseph and Eunice Morrison

Webster Cemetery, Farmington, Maine

Located in Farmington on the left hand side of route 156 W approx 0.7 miles from North Chesterville. These are descendants of William Morrison who first went to Farmington with Hannah Benson.

Webster Cemetery
F. C. Morrison 1850-1922
Emma W. his wife 1850-1887
Hannah Morrison d. 11/29/1849 24y 3m 7d w/o Charles Woodward
John B. Morrison d. 6/27/1886 age 65y 11m
Leonora his wife d. 4/8/1908 age 85y 22d
John Morrison d. 3/30/1857 age 73
Sarah his wife d. 1/13/1852 age 55
R. Montgomery Morrison d. age 56 (born 1826)
Sibyl his wife 1827-1907
Lizzie their daughter 5/29/1856 to 3/19/1900
William Morrison d. 8/29/1826 age 77y (FLAG)
Hannah his wife d. 3/13/1826
William Morrison d. 3/15/1898
Esther H. his wife d. 7/13/1863 age 44y 6m
Josephine 2nd wife d. 1/25/1889 age 63y 6m
Joseph A. d. 6/28/1905 age 52y 8m

Webster Cemetery, Farmington, Maine

First Parish and Ashland Cemeteries, North Bridgewater (Brockton) MA

These two cemeteries are probably the home of the graves of Robert Morrison, the immigrant who came to North Bridgewater in 1740. He died in 1764, and was probably buried in First Parish. However, a visit to these two cemeteries did not result in a find. There were obvious areas where gravestones should exist, which are no more. Many families such as the Packards, Keiths, Howards, Cary, French, Battles and Harris do still exist. Of interest was a gravestone of John Montgomery, and also, a David Henry was buried in the Ashland Cemetery.

Salsbury Cemetery
Joseph E. Morrison d. 3/15/1834 s/o Captain Joseph and Eunice Morrison

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Newspaper Obituaries

Post Dispatch Hold Hold Hold

Post Dispatch Obituaries 1880 - 1920

The St. Louis Public Library publishes an index of obituaries on the following website. In particular, they have on microfilm the period 1880 to 1927, as well as 1942-1945. We had them look several people up for us. Some they found, and others not.

Later, had a section where we were able to download several obituaries as shown below in the St Louis papers.

St. Louis Obituary Index

John Henry Morrison died April 20, 1890.

Josephine Pitz died January 29, 1891 of consumption.

Lulu Lauck

Pierre LaBarge

Margaret Murphy

Newspaper article on death of Captain Joseph Labarge

Obituaries of relatives of the Semon Family

Peter Mirgain (great grandfather of Veronica Semon, wife of James Morrison)
Died Aug 8, 1916

Dorothea Dannenberg (wife of Peter Mirgain) died October 1, 1924

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