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Want to be listed as a Research Contact?
Please email Jim Morrison noting area of interest.

To counter spam emails, you must delete the hyphens in the email address once it is copied. While these contacts at one time were available, I believe most of the email addresses are obsolete. Still they may provide a starting point for research.

Feedback on Website. Contact for corrections and ommissions. Additional information. Pages not linking. Jim, the host of this site, is 9th generation. Robert of North Bridgewater-William-William to Maine-Robert-John Keith-John Henry to St. Louis-Anson-Keith-James to many places but now retired (2016) and back in St. Louis.

Morrison 9th Generation Jim Morrison jeddymo--@gmail.com

DNA Research contact. Edwin Holcombe has been the Morrison DNA Project administrator and is still actively helping people in this project.

Morrison DNA Administrator Edwin Holcombe MorrisonDNA-@-mindspring.com

The following Morrison researcher is represented by Group L in the DNA project. He has done extensive research on Robert Morrison, who lived in the Mill Creek Hundred area of Delaware.

Morrison Robert 1777-1848 Rich Morrison mercur81@--bellsouth.com

The following researcher is a cousin researching the Lauck family. The Lauck family is connected through the marriage of Elsie Lauck and Pierre LaBarge. She is descended from Simon Lauck, brother of Peter, both serving in the Revolutionary War.

Lauck Family Beth Humphrey GlassByBeth@--aol.com

The following researcher is also a cousin researching the Lauck family. The Lauck family is connected through the marriage of Elsie Lauck and Pierre LaBarge. Joe is descended through Emma Lauck (Lewis,Samuel,Peter) and also researches the LaBarge, Boisabin, and Pringle families.

Lauck Family Joe Weisbrod joebwphotography@--gmail.com

Thompson researchers. The following are cousins of the descendants of Robert Morrison of North Bridgewater.

This relationship occurs at many levels, as some Thompsons came with the Morrisons to Ohio. They also were connected with the descendants of John (son of Robert) who went to Connecticut. The following connection, though, is based on the marriage of Norman Thompson to Harriet Morrison in 1836. James Morrison came to Geneva (northern Ohio also called the Western Reserve at that time), Ohio about 1805. Alexander Morrison married Ann Thompson and went to Worthington (central Ohio) about the same time. It is not likely that Ann and Norman were related. While the ancestry of the Morrisons is clear from the Strowbridge book, the parents of Norman is still one of conjecture. The following are all descendants of Norman and Harriet.

Norman had children, Orson Samuel, Byron, Wilbur Fisk, James Morrison, Abisha Lawton and Laura Adora.

Orson Samuel Thompson Tami Glatz glatzfam--@yahoo.com
Wilbur Fisk Thompson Suellen Thompson ninilchik71--@yahoo.com