Kids: Recordings of Conversations

Over the years there have been reel to reel and cassette tape recordings of kids. From Patty singing to Bill to Ben to Lydia. No tele-prompters. All timeless. The conversations of 50 years ago could well have been taped just yesterday. I hope we find more to add, but for now, these will do. Let's now go to 1959, age of UFOs, bomb shelters, and 3 channel black and white tv.

Tom Morrison and Jim Pragg - 8th grade. Edward R. Murrow man on the street.

Audio: Edward R. Murrow

Audio: Knick Knack Paddy Whack

Tom Morrison and friends doing there rendition of American Idol.

Audio: Denny the Fortune Teller

Denny took his natural entertaining talent for the radio and Wonderful WIL, and his later impressions of Crazy Guggenheim and grew up to be a banker.

Audio: I beat Dave in Canasta!

Jim at age 6 shows his flair for stand-up comedy, by hogging the mike.

Did Jim and Dave get on each others nerves? "He isn't my friend of all!

Audio: He's my brother

Audio: Oh Today! and Rudolf

Patty would have definitely gone to Hollywood! Singing her first hit: Oh, today. Oh, tomorrow. And not but not least, the SLUH cheer "A waitin', a waitin', a waitin' for the Bills. Not you, brother Bill. Be patient, as there are some pauses in the audio.

Audio: More Greatest Hits from Patti!

Patty age 4, sings Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Tom is coaching on the words.

Audio: Bill the Great when he was little, but still Great.

Bill can count and say the alphabet, but he doesn't like it! You can hear mom (Dorothy) laughing in the background.

Audio: Ben Interview and Tiger Growls

Ben is four or five, and Jim is interviewing him. Or abusing him. One or the other.

Audio: Lydia at 2 years

Lydia is learning to talk. Sesame street is a favorite show. And of course, the Cookie Monster or "Keeky Mono".

Audio: Lydia and the Ho Ho Bus

Lydia's favorite joke was to say "Ho Ho Bus" and then just laugh. Twenty years later, we find a real Ho Ho bus in London. They are called Ho Ho buses, because you can Hop On and Hop Off.

Audio: Lydia and more words

MacDonald's was "dunny's", but french fries she could say perfectly.

Audio: Ben sings Silent Night as Donald Duck

Audio: Ben interviews himself as Donald Duck

Ben about 8 or 9 does a perfect Donald Duck impression singing Silent Night. Then does an interview of Donald as a reporter. Definitely something to play to a patient before he does surgery.

Audio: Lydia and her name

Lydia had a middle name. Lydia "Pumpkin Pie" Morrison.

Audio: Margie, Annie and Lydia sing Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells. That's what Lydia wants to sing, OK?

Audio: Ben and Margie

First We wish you a Merry Xmas, medley with "Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I want to take ya..."

Audio: Alex and the Land of Many Colors

Alex only three reciting the book "Land of Many Colors"

Audio: Alex Muffin Man

Audio: Alex Knick Knack

Alex only three singing the Muffin Man and Knick Knack